Twist outs? Type 4c hair??

20 Oct

SO.. I tried to do a finger twist/comb twist out, so I guess they were coil outs right? Well, It took me all night! I washed my hair and everything, with my Cantu Shea butter shampoo, did my conditioner, deep conditioner and everything with the Cantu Shea butter leave in. I tried to use a barber comb, but it wasn’t working all too great, so I finished with finger coils, which I think I did wrong, (I twisted them instead of twirling it around my finger). I used the Cantu Shea butter dressing pomade and beeswax. I put on a satin cap, went to sleep, when I took it down, it looked a hot mess. It looked so bad, just like the first time, I washed my hair all over again with shampoo (shame me) and just picked it out like usual.

I then did havana twists in my head for the first time, because I want to wear a protective style, which is why I was going to do coils but I didn’t like them, hence the coil out. I watched a video on youtube a few times, so I was like I got this in the bag. It was tough at first but I got the hang of it. But tell me what you guys think!!

How to do Havana twists:

To Moisture my hair before braiding I used African Pride Shea Butter Buttery Creme and Bouncy Curls Pudding I just bought(Call me a product junkie, I don’t Care!!) I used the Marley Braid hair, I was informed that any kind of kinky hair or Marley Braid would work and that it was all the same. You start by parting the section of your hair that you want to use, depending on how big you want it to be (the bigger the better). The Marley Braid should already be halved. Puff the Hair out to make it fluffy (use at least 2 Marley sections per twist.) Take your section of your hair and split it into two parts. Take the Marley hair and place it in the middle of your sectioned hair. Taking one section of your hair, and one half of the Kinky hair and twist it around your finger until it is secure(as you would finger coils). Do the same with the other side, twisting in the same direction. When you feel the hair is secure enough, join the two piece together by twisting them with each other, going the opposite direction that you twisted the individual twists. Twist all the way down to end.


This was my first attempt at Havana Twists so cut me some slack!!



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3 responses to “Twist outs? Type 4c hair??

  1. TheGirl

    November 4, 2013 at 12:47 am

    I usually twist my hair into little buns (b/t 20 to 30 of them) and then untwist them in the morning. Been doing it for two years and haven’t changed hairstyles.

  2. christiandancer

    November 8, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    Nice, they look pretty good! Never tried Havana twists before, I may have to look into those.


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